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Dog charm-
Dog charm
House charm-
House charm
Crinkle Bear - Organic Cotton-organic cotton, bear, crinkle, dandelion, baby, natural, limedaisy design
Crinkle Bear - Organic Cotton
$16.99 $12.00
Out of Stock
Live, Love, Laugh charm-
Live, Love, Laugh charm
Personalized Mugs-Mugs, children, personalized, name, girl, boy
Personalized Mugs
Breast Cancer Awareness Charm-
Breast Cancer Awareness Charm
25 mm Round Locket-
25 mm Round Locket
Icy Pole Covers - Personalized-icy pole, personalized, personalised, names, easter
Icy Pole Covers - Personalized
$5.00 - $17.00
Clouds - Wall Decals-clouds, nursery, decor, baby, wall stickers, wall decals
Clouds - Wall Decals
Out of Stock
Sewing machine charm-
Sewing machine charm
Woolly Wug Winter Sleeping Bag (Blue Ribbon)
$59.95 $30.00
Out of Stock
Pink sandals charm-
Pink sandals charm
Fairy Wand Charm-
Fairy Wand Charm
Corn Bowls-corn, bowls, bpa free, dandelion, eco friendly
Corn Bowls
Out of Stock
Horse charm-
Horse charm
I love you Charm-
I love you Charm
Corn Bowl and Spoon set-corn, feeding set, spoon, divided bowl, dandelion, bpa free, limedaisy design
Corn Bowl and Spoon set
Out of Stock
Large round Stainless Steel-
Large round Stainless Steel
Daisy White with crystal charm-
Daisy White with crystal charm
Corn Spoons-corn, bpa free, spoon, dandelion, limedaisy design, feeding, baby
Corn Spoons
Out of Stock
Corn Utensils - 8 pack-corn, bpa free, utensils, spoon, fork, baby, feeding
Corn Utensils - 8 pack
Out of Stock
Beetle Car charm-
Beetle Car charm
Bicycle charm-
Bicycle charm
Changeable charms - Necklace Set (fun)-
Changeable charms - Necklace Set (fun)
Hello kitty charm-
Hello kitty charm
Colourful Daisy Charms-
Colourful Daisy Charms
Love my Cat Charm-
Love my Cat Charm
Pink Baby Doll - Organic cotton toy-doll, baby, organic cotton, dandelion toys, newborn, gift
Pink Baby Doll - Organic cotton toy
Out of Stock
Silver Crystal 30mm stainless steel round locket-
Silver Crystal 30mm stainless steel round locket
Plush Mother Polar Bear - Organic cotton-Organic Cotton, bear, toy, dandelion
Plush Mother Polar Bear - Organic cotton
Out of Stock
Crown charm-
Crown charm
Ballerina charm-
Ballerina charm
Plush Baby Polar Bear-organic toy, plush, bear, baby, toddler, gift, dandelion
Plush Baby Polar Bear
Out of Stock
Rainbow heart-
Rainbow heart
Pink heart with crystals Charm-
Pink heart with crystals Charm
Family heart charm-
Family heart charm
Rainbow charm-
Rainbow charm
Activity Ball - Organic Cotton Toy-Activity Ball, rattle, organic Cotton, toy, baby, dandelion toy
Activity Ball - Organic Cotton Toy
$27.99 $19.50
Out of Stock
Duck Squeaker - Organic Cotton Teether-organic cotton, teether, rattle, Dandelion toys, baby, newborn
Duck Squeaker - Organic Cotton Teether
Out of Stock
You are my Sunshine Charm-
You are my Sunshine Charm
Dolphin charm-
Dolphin charm
Bee Charm-bee, charm, locket, floating locket, necklace, bug, silver, yellow
Bee Charm
Love my Dogs Charm-
Love my Dogs Charm
seahorse charm-
seahorse charm
Custom Order Passport Cover-passport, handmade, limedaisy design, fabric notebook cover
Custom Order Passport Cover
$10.00 $9.00
Out of Stock
Believe backing plate-
Believe backing plate
Dragonfly charm-dragonfly, charm, locket, floating locket, limedaisylockets
Dragonfly charm
crystal Cross-
crystal Cross
Crinkle Book - Organic Cotton Toy-Organic cotton, baby, new, dandelion toys, rattle, book
Crinkle Book - Organic Cotton Toy
$18.99 $13.50
Out of Stock
Frog Rattle - Organic Cotton-organic cotton, frog, dandelion, limedaisy design, rattle, baby, toys
Frog Rattle - Organic Cotton
Out of Stock
Skull charm-
Skull charm
I love my kids charm-
I love my kids charm
Key to my heart charm-
Key to my heart charm
Changeable Charms - Necklace Set (mature)-
Changeable Charms - Necklace Set (mature)
Family Locket Set-
Family Locket Set
Daisy window-
Daisy window
Eiffel tower charm-
Eiffel tower charm
Purple Love heart charm-
Purple Love heart charm
Pawprint charm-
Pawprint charm
Birthday Locket-birthday, locket, floating charms, floating locket
Birthday Locket
Easter Mugs-Easter, mug, children, polymer, ceramic, cup, present, gift
Easter Mugs
Corn Plates-corn, plates, dandelion, bpa free, limedaisy design
Corn Plates
Out of Stock
Kombi Charm-
Kombi Charm
Family Birthstone locket-
Family Birthstone locket
Stainless Steel Drink Bottles 200+ designs!-stainless steel drink bottle kids 600ml BPA free
Stainless Steel Drink Bottles 200+ designs!
Flower Book - Organic Cotton Toy-organic cotton, baby, pink, toy, newborn, crinkle, Dandelion toys
Flower Book - Organic Cotton Toy
Out of Stock
I love to Dance-
I love to Dance
Owl charm-
Owl charm
Pink butterfly charm-
Pink butterfly charm
Musical note charm-
Musical note charm
30mm round Gold Stainless Steel with crystals-gold, stainless steel, locket, floating locket, origami owl, limedaisy design, round, 30mm, large
30mm round Gold Stainless Steel with crystals
Green Turtle Charm-
Green Turtle Charm
Canada Flag charm-
Canada Flag charm
Red guitar charm-
Red guitar charm
Christmas Boy Elf Mug-personalised, mug, children, christmas, boy, elf,
Christmas Boy Elf Mug
Queen Charm-
Queen Charm
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